Storing Hydrogen Underground

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What Is a Controlled Document?

by Rick Kaiser A controlled document is any digital or hard-copy entity which is required by a company, a standards organization, or a regulatory agency to… Read more »

Making Liquid CO2 From A Refinery By-Product

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The High Price of Inadequate Recordkeeping

Six years ago, a Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s pipeline under San Bruno California ruptured and the resulting explosion and fire killed eight people. In… Read more »

Refinery Operations – Tesoro to Acquire Western Refining

Tesoro Corporation announced today that it will acquire Western Refining at an implied current price of $6.4 billion, including the assumption of approximately $1.7 billion… Read more »

Colonial Pipeline Restarts Line #1

Gasoline is an important commodity, especially on the heavily-populated east coast of the US. After the deadly October 31st rupture and fire in the 1.3… Read more »

What’s Happening to the Documents?

In today’s challenging environment of plummeting revenues, rising costs, and the imperative to do more with less, I find myself increasingly concerned about the documents,… Read more »