Why We Do It

Why do we do it? What makes us arrive at the office day after day at 6 am and often on weekends to create the… Read more »

Refinery Safety – Hydrofluoric Acid Leak Injures 7 Workers During Turnaround

Refinery turnarounds and startups are the periods of highest risk to refinery workers. It’s the time when most accidents happen. A lot of work and preparation goes… Read more »

Pipeline Safety – Magellan Diesel Spill

Nobody likes a spill. What goes on in the pipeline stays in the pipeline.  The best ways to prevent spills are to perform adequate inspections and maintain good operating and maintenance… Read more »

A New Refinery Is Coming To North Dakota

The Davis Oil Refinery is currently under development near Belfield, North Dakota by Meridian Energy Group. The 55,000 barrel per day refinery will be built… Read more »

Eight Features of a Quality Controlled Document Management System

Controlled documents are “living” entities that define products, describe processes, and depict infrastructures. They are the DNA upon which all large industrial facilities are built…. Read more »

Storing Hydrogen Underground

You know, the idea of storing large volumes of industrial hydrogen in an underground cavern is pretty cool, like something Jules Verne would have dreamed… Read more »

What Is a Controlled Document?

by Rick Kaiser A controlled document is any digital or hard-copy entity which is required by a company, a standards organization, or a regulatory agency to… Read more »

Making Liquid CO2 From A Refinery By-Product

Food-grade liquid carbon dioxide is now being produced commercially from waste carbon dioxide, heretofore an industrial by-product that was released into the atmosphere, at a… Read more »

The High Price of Inadequate Recordkeeping

Six years ago, a Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s pipeline under San Bruno California ruptured and the resulting explosion and fire killed eight people. In… Read more »

Refinery Operations – Tesoro to Acquire Western Refining

Tesoro Corporation announced today that it will acquire Western Refining at an implied current price of $6.4 billion, including the assumption of approximately $1.7 billion… Read more »