Making Liquid CO2 From A Refinery By-Product

Food-grade liquid carbon dioxide is now being produced commercially from waste carbon dioxide, heretofore an industrial by-product that was released into the atmosphere, at a Delaware City CO2 purification and liquefaction plant run by Praxair, Inc.. Back in 2015, Praxair signed a long-term agreement with Delaware City Refining to purchase their crude carbon dioxide. The 450 ton-per-day capacity plant has just started operation. In addition, Praxair is building a dry ice facility on the site that will be capable of producing 120 tons-per-day when it begins production in 2017.

Carbon capture and storage is an important strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. From 2004 – 2011, global CO2 emissions from industry increased 26%. AIS supports all technologies that work to solve major industrial and environmental issues. AIS also supports industrial facilities with software solutions to manage their controlled documents and monitor their process information for operations, engineering and management.

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