Pipeline Safety – Magellan Diesel Spill

Nobody likes a spill. What goes on in the pipeline stays in the pipeline.  The best ways to prevent spills are to perform adequate inspections and maintain good operating and maintenance procedures. Proper inspections, maintenance procedures and preventative repairs are the keys to keeping products inside the pipelines.

The best way to manage the thousands of controlled drawings and procedures is with an electronic document management system (like E*Doc from AIS Software) that establishes a single point of truth and insures that all users have immediate access to the latest revision of all documents needed to perform this important work.

The Magellan Midstream Partners pipeline between Rosemont. Minnesota and Mason City, Iowa was finally restarted for use on January 28th after being taken out of service following the release.

Here’s a link to the news report:  Magellan says less diesel spilled in Iowa than estimated.