About Us

Our people know your operations.  We have worked decades both upstream and downstream on-site in engineering, automation, IT, construction and management.


Most of our team has been with the company since its inception. The people you talk to have all written and supported every one of our products.


Brad Rose
This is a picture of Brad Rose. Brad is president of AIS. Yes, he’s always this happy, even at work.  Nobody knows why.  He’s just a great person to work with, which is why the employees at AIS have worked here as long as they have.


Rick Kaiser
Rick is the project manager for the E*Doc application.  He is the newest member of AIS.  He started at AIS in 2012. Prior to that he worked as an automation engineer on the North Slope of Alaska for 12 years and a mechanical engineer for oilfields and refineries for 10 years. Before that he was rocket engineer and played base drum in a Seattle circus band.