UTL : Universal Tag Locator


The Universal Tag Locator (UTL) is an all-encompassing process monitoring and reporting system with extensive search and reporting features. Its users can locate real-time instrument information from multiple data sources.  UTL is expandable and customizable to connect with all of your plant’s current instrument data sources.

Your operators and supervisors can create customizable end-of-shift reports that can be emailed to selected individuals to manage job tasks and improve continuity.  Operating targets can be identified and tracked against established benchmarks.  Alarms can be monitored and managed to identify at-risk process conditions.

End of Shift Reports

The End of Shift Reports (EOSR) module allows an operator or supervisor to create, edit and publish end of shift reports using site-configured templates. The shift reporting software makes configuration easy and includes the ability to incorporate various data types and data from external sources (e.g., targets with current values, alarm data, IntelaTrac) or from other EOSRs (data rollup). EOSRs are managed using your plant's hierarchy so only the operators qualified to work a job can fill out the report for that job. Unlimited report types can be created depending on your site's needs.

Alarm Module

Unique in the industry, the UTL Alarm Module can retrieve raw event data from your site’s control system event database, journal collector or DCS log output. The UTL Alarm Module processes this alarm data to determine alarm durations, priorities, alarm counts, alarm rates, alarm locations, operator actions and alarm floods. The UTL Alarm Module offers a fully customizable set of reporting options to process this alarm data into user-specific reports.

Target Locator

The Target Locator, manages your operating/business planning targets and then provides target summaries using your live process data (PHD, PI, ODS, Lab System, etc.) to determine if you are running within your targets. These summary reports for tags, tanks and lab data can then be inserted into any EOSR report. The Target Locator also has an operator instructions module that passes shift/plant area specific instructions to the site through the UTL interface when creating an EOSR or via the Subscription Engine.

Subscription Engine

Individual users can subscribe to and receive any UTL report via email on a desired schedule including any End-Of-Shift Report when it is published. Plant distribution lists can also be created to distribute these reports to multiple individuals.

Tag Locator Results

The Tag Locator Results module provides a one-stop shop for plant instrumentation information. The Tag Locator Results module queries all configured plant instrumentation data sources displaying the relevant information on one screen. This report is useful for finding plant-wide instrumentation information as well as reconciling data from different sources. The Tag Locator Results module can be customized to collect live data from your process historians, alarm systems, targeting data, operator actions, IPF systems, document/procedure management systems and instrument indexes.

IntelaTrac Reporting Module

The IntelaTrac Reporting Module integrates the UTL with your IntelaTrac system to provide customizable reports for ad-hoc viewing, inclusion in End-Of-Shift Reports and distribution via the Subscription Engine. Reporting options include exceptions by base or job, rounds reports, incomplete rounds reports, asset status reports and out-of-service procedures.

Enhanced Alarm Manager / Lab Search

The Enhanced Alarm Manager integrates your alarm management system with the UTL to expand the search capabilities and lets you display alarm configuration information and operator alarm responses directly on the Tag Locator results screen.

The Lab Search lets you link your lab data to the UTL either by querying your lab data directly and displaying the sample results in the UTL, or by linking to your existing system giving your users quick and easy access to the lab data.