E*Doc : Advanced Document Management


E*Doc is an advanced document management platform used at major industrial process facilities to organize engineering documents and operating procedures into a single point of truth collection. Every worker with a browser and access to the company intranet can instantly access all revisions of all documents providing a rich collaboration between workers while enforcing stringent document control protocols.

E*Doc processes hundreds of thousands of documents every day at major industrial facilities throughout the U.S., ensuring highly-accurate revision control and accountability.

Document Management

E*Doc utilizes the industry-standard check in/check out model of document management with full revision control.
The review process for documents requiring peer review is fully automated.
Relevant plant disciplines (functional, technical, compliance, etc.) can be included in the review.
The review progress is transparent to document's editor and managers.
Document control is notified instantly whenever a document review is completed.
Badger E-Mail sends reminders to delinquent reviewers.
Document reviews can be either linear or distributed.

Procedure Module

The E*Doc procedure module manages plant standing Instructions, operating procedures, and any other documents that require certification, discipline review and employee training.
The Procedure Coordinator or Administrator has the ability to oversee every aspect of the system.
Work screens allow the Procedure Coordinator to perform all tasks necessary to fulfill the work process.
E*Doc has override capabilities to circumvent absent reviewers.

Users & Accessibility

The user-friendly interface makes tasks easy and straightforward and saves time in training the users.
The current revisions of all effective documents are easily accessible from any web browser connected to the company intranet.
E*Doc provides multiple pathways for document searches including search tree, search by field, text search, public searches and personal searches.
An extensive administrative interface lets the Administrator manage and configure the entire system.

Technical Features

E*Doc has five authorization levels of access: All Users, Reviewer, Editor, Manager, and Administrator.
Each site license allows unlimited documents, devices, and users.
E*Doc manages all document types including engineering documents, operating and maintenance procedures, standing instructions, lab documents, training manuals, videos and more.
E*Doc can run on three different security models eliminating redundant IT administration costs.
The entire program can run on single server or across many depending on how your network is set up.
E*Doc supports any document type and integrates into any management of change (MOC) program.