Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions : AIS Custom Solutions


You run a unique business with specific needs.  AIS can provide you with the programming solutions you need to optimize your facility.  Custom applications save you money by automating tasks to improve productivity, by enhancing current applications to adapt to new requirements and by upgrading the functionality of your legacy systems.  Specialized programming allows you to integrate your production-critical applications into a seamless user interface.

AIS custom applications are in use and serving the needs of major process facilities around the world.  What are your needs?

We Love Programming

What can we say... We just love to write computer programs. It's our passion. It's what we do. It's what we've always done. We're nerds and we admit it. But, isn't that just the kind of person you'd want to create your custom applications?


When you purchase a custom application, you demand the highest quality; in what it does, in how it's used, in how it's built. Whatever we make for you, we make very well. We are proud of what we do and stand behind every product, because every product we build is custom made to meet your needs.


Custom solutions from AIS not only make your applications work together, they allow users to collaborate. This means more productivity at your facility, safer operations and lower overall costs.