New Refinery Proposed – New Challenges Ahead

A new refinery is being proposed to handle the increasing production coming out of the West Texas Permian Basin. The new 50,000 BPD refinery would be built by MMEX Resources Corp 20 miles northeast of Fort Stockton, Texas on 250 acres of land.  As demand for oil products continues to rise, the refining capacity of our country has failed to keep pace.  This will be one of the first oil refineries built in the US in more than 40 years.

The company anticipates the 18-month construction process will create approximately 400 jobs in the area during peak construction, as well as foster a significant number of indirect jobs and revenue for companies in catering, workforce housing, construction, equipment and other industries. Once operational, the facility is expected to provide an estimated 100 permanent jobs and generate substantial tax revenue for Pecos County.

For more information about this refinery, check out the latest Hydrocarbon Processing press release here.

New infrastructure means new challenges to operators and field workers.  AIS products like E*Doc for managing controlled documents during construction and operations helps to create order and save money during the fast-paced times of construction and startup.  UTL, an operations monitoring tool, gathers information from every corner of the facility and compiles it into an easy to access and use central repository from which alarm management, shift change and engineering reports can be immediately generated and distributed.